LaRS: Terms and conditions

  1. This dataset consists of multiple types of material. This includes among other things:
    • Frames extracted from videos (color images; hereinafter referred to as "images")
    • Annotation files describing semantics and individual instances of frames (hereinafter referred to as "annotations")
  2. All images and annotations are released under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license. This has no implications on the original image rights held by the respective original author. Some material may be available under different licenses. This does not change the extent and usability under this release.
  3. The images and annotations may only be used in the context of scientific improving and testing computer vision solutions for maritime obstacle detection (and scientific publications, presentations, and conversations about these topics). They may not be used for commercial purposes.
  4. Dataset includes images of people. In order to preserve the privacy of individuals, the faces in the images have been blurred. Potential annomization errors should be not be exploited to identify persons in the images and should be immediately reported via email to:
  5. Access to the dataset is restricted for research purposes. We collect personal information including name, email and affiliation about persons downloading the dataset in order to track the use of the dataset and analyze usage trends. This information is not shared with third parties. We may contact you in the future to inform you about updates to the dataset. You may opt-out of this communication at any time by contacting us.
  6. Direct sharing of the images or annotations with third parties is strictly prohibited. Instead, please refer them to this page for access.
  7. You may share the results of your algorithm derived from the dataset freely as long as the original data or meta-data cannot be derived from it.
  8. You may use the images in publications, presentations and correspondence, but you have to take care of the data protection and licensing issues yourself.
  9. Data protection and property rights issues can be filed via email to: Be sure to use the term "LaRS data issues" in your email subject line. Please allow 10 business days for our response.

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